What is an Independent Medical Examiner, and is it Worth it?

When someone applies for a disability benefit or compensation, they may need to undergo an independent medical examination to check the reliability of their claims.

This examination is usually carried out by a board-certified physician.

Independent medical examinations are necessary for several different scenarios.

For example, if someone chooses to sue their employer for an injury at work, they may have to undergo an independent medical examination.

What is an Independent Medical Examiner?

If you are looking for a non-clinical job as a physician, this might be a good option for you.

An Independent Medical Examiner is a qualified health professional who assesses a claimant's injured areas.

An Examiner should provide a fully independent and objective evaluation of the claimant.

They are not directly involved in patient care, and they do not order the treatment.

If the professional has previously cared for the patient, they cannot carry out the examination.

Independent Medical Examinations are often requested by attorneys, car insurance companies, workers' compensation insurers, and self-insured employers paying claims.

The purpose of the examination is to ensure the validity of the claim. 

Thus an Independent Medical Examiner needs to be free from bias.

The examiner's primary goal is to determine a causal relationship between the injur(ies) and the accident.

How much can you earn as an Independent Medical Examiner?

One of the best things about this work is that you really can reduce your hours without reducing your income.

Performing just 1 Independent Medical Examination per week can generate up to $75,000 or more annually.

✔︎ File Reviews pay $150-$250 per hour.

✔︎ Peer reviews pay $500-$800 per case.

✔︎ IMEs reimburse $700-$1500 on average per exam.

As you can see it's a lucrative opportunity and the work itself is rewarding and fulfilling. 

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Who can become an Independent Medical Examiner, and what are the benefits?

In the United States, you can perform an IME if you are a physician.

If you want to become an Independent Medical Examiner, you must be qualified to diagnose the condition you will be assessing.

A Psychiatrist would assess mental health conditions, for example.

Becoming an Independent Medical Examiner has many benefits.

It is simply not a vector for physicians to make extra money. As a physician performing the exam, you are providing a needed service which just happens to have the perk of benefiting you financially. 

You will increase your experience and qualifications.

You will see things from the other side that you never appreciated before.

With each case, you will learn something new about yourself, about the way you practice and the impact.

It is an effective way to supplement your income and work flexible or reduced hours.

Performing just one Independent Medical Examination per week can add up to $75,000 to your income annually.

The hours are flexible, and you can do most of the work from home. 

Becoming a qualified Independent Medical Examiner is a great way to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance.

Working as an Independent Medical Examiner is a potential solution to physician burnout.

If you find that you are working long hours and still struggle financially, becoming an Independent Medical Examiner has worked well for other physicians in a similar position.

How do you become an Independent Medical Examiner?

Medical School does not teach you about IMEs.

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