Dr. Randi B. Nelson MD, MBA

“I recently took the course IME Academy® Dr. Emily Woolcock and it was nothing short of amazing. I’ve always wanted to supplement my salary and for years I’ve heard about Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), peer and chart reviews as means of supplementing income, but was unsure of how to enter that business. Well Dr. Woolcock taught us every aspect of what those responsibilities entailed and provided step by step guidance on composing thorough and accurate reports. I completed the class feeling very confident that I could produce exceptional reports for legal cases. As a matter of fact, within one week of completing the course, I began sending out my CV! Dr. Woolcock has been in the medico-legal field for over 25 years and honestly, I would not trust anyone else to instruct me all the aspects of peer, chart reviews and IME reporting process.”

Learn how to become a competent Independent Medical Examiner and sought after expert in just a few months

  • REDUCE your workload

    Working as an IME Provider requires significantly less administrative work meaning you can work fewer hours without reducing your income.

  • EXPAND your expertise

    By learning how to become an IME Provider, you will expand your knowledge and gain the ability to work for numerous organizations.

  • INCREASE your Income

    By becoming an IME Provider, you can supplement your income substantially. Just 1 IME per week can generate upwards of $75,000 per year.

Don't wait for physician burnout, start to improve your work-life balance today

Physician burnout is fast becoming a crisis. Did you know that 42% of physicians had symptoms of burnout in 2021? 

If you have ever experienced depression, high stress, or emotional exhaustion, it's time to change how you work.

By becoming an IME Provider, you can supplement your income substantially and obtain a better work-life balance.

Yes, you really can work the hours that you want and be there for your spouse and children without sacrificing your income or career.

In fact, with The IME Academy® Flagship Course, you will be adding to your expertise and using your experience to help even more people. 

You can eliminate the risk of physician burnout and never feel overworked or undervalued.

Why become an IME Provider?

It's time to put your mental health first, stop feeling trapped and be there for your loved ones.

  • There is a need for qualified doctors

  • It is very lucrative - You can work part-time hours and earn a full-time Doctors salary!

  • It is a great learning experience

  • There is minimal liability

Why take my flagship IME course?

  • Everything you need to qualify

    The IME ACADEMY®Flagship Course is a comprehensive A-Z course designed for PHYSICIANS that are ready to make a change. The content is not broken up into several courses to keep you coming back.

  • World leading expert Instructor

    The IME ACADEMY® is led by the world's foremost dual Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner & Orthopedic Surgeon - Dr. Emily Woolcock.

  • Ongoing Support

    You will gain access to an online community where you can network with like minded individuals. I also show you how to find opportunities and support you on your journey to building a client base.

Who Am I?

I'm Dr. Emily Woolcock MD. I am a dual Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and Independent Medical Examiner.

I have served as an Advisory Board member of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.

Before I learned about IMEs, I felt trapped by my work. I was working long hours and hardly saw my family.

Work-Life balance? That didn't exist for me. But with three toddlers to look after, I knew something had to change.

I learned to perform IMEs early in my career and it has been a blessing for me.

By integrating medicolegal medicine into my practice, I was able to increase my revenue, hire mid-levels and decrease my time in the office in order to achieve a normal life as a single mom with three small kids.

If I can do it, there's nothing stopping you from achieving the life you want.

What's stopping you from starting today?

Is this course right for you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, this course might be for you.

  • Are you experiencing burnout? Are you stressed and constantly fatigued?

  • Are you having difficulty making ends meet? Do you seem to work around the clock with nothing to show for it?

  • Do you work 40+ hours per week only to find yourself charting during your "free time"?

  • Do you feel undervalued at work? Does it seem that RVUs matter more to your employer than your talent?

  • Do you want more quality time with your family? Do you want to be available for your kids after school activities?

  • Is spending so much time at work a source of conflict with your spouse or significant other?

  • Are you just looking for a side hustle? Do you feel like you are stuck on the hamster wheel and can't get off?

  • Has COVID-19 been a wake-up call for you?

Only YOU can change your life.

You've put everything else first for long enough. Now it's time for you.